Hull is of course a vibrant urban centre, with a host of arts activities going on all over the city. Dance is no exception, whatever style or genre you happen to be into. Whether you’re hoping to learn to dance yourself, get the kids enrolled in a class or simply watch a great dance performance, Hull has it all. The city’s many brilliant arts venues play host to every art form imaginable, including various types of dance.

Tap, modern, hip-hop and street, ballet, belly dancing and salsa are but a few of the dance genres you can learn in Hull. There are many excellent dance instructors creating tailored educational programs in dance designed to suit children or adults, male and female alike. If you have kids, dance is a great way to keep them active while still having fun, and a wonderful way to get them socialising with other children as well as building confidence.

For dance supplies, you’re also spoiled for choice, from shoes and other clothing to specialist equipment. Certain dance types come with a lengthy list of requirements in terms of materials, so being able to get your hands on everything you need is quite simply vital.